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While the PC versus console debate in an omnipresent one, we bring to you a video game platform buying guide, and where you can find the best consoles at reasonable prices in Pakistan. Read ahead to find out.

First things first, buy online. In stores, you will find a fairly limited collection of consoles and gaming PCs; forcing you to compromise on a device grudgingly. Whereas, online, you have a variety of choices, sizes, colours, brands, models, controller types, generations, etc. If you want a maroon xbox, and you are unable to locate it with the online retailer, you can contact the ever helpful and exemplary customer care number and place your request for your favourite colour.

Is there something as a right time to buy a gaming device? Yes, there is. People tend to spend more time with gaming devices during long vacations, such as summers, winters, Ramadaan, etc.

Strategically, retailers place discounts and introduce deals to consoles and gaming devices right before the vacations. So, if you want to buy a console or gift it to someone, the best period would be a month or two before the holidays. Holiday discounts are rush hours for game lovers. Invest in a PS4, an XboX, buy the latest games and deck your setup with the latest in technology and accessories.

If you are into multi players and multi-platform games, a PS4 may be more suited to your needs. PS4 slim price in Pakistan is competitively priced. Nintendo Wii Vu, Sony Play Stations generation, Xbox and steam machines are the most popular gaming devices available. Some of these are consoles, some are PCs and convertible PCs. When purchasing any device, one should research on the features, look and specific requirements.

Check about the core processor, the internal memory, the expandable storage, whether it works only on hi-speed internet, what are the offline options, how feasible is browsing on the device, whether it is compatible with your other devices, does it have USB ports, would your energy bill hike up after usage, does it requires perpetual charging, how many controllers does it have, what’s the warranty it carries, how are the graphics, navigation mode like, is the GUI convenient, does it have wireless controllers, how strong are the kinetic sensors, what kind of in-build and free games does it offer, is it convertible for a VR experience, etc. If you are still in two minds about the short-listed devices, seek the opinion of an expert. Online retailers have in-house customer service teams and product experts, who can prove to be of assistance to you.

Then again, remember that consoles and gaming PCs differ per age group. Be sure whom are you buying it for, and old is the person. Research likewise. On the cosmetic front, do you have the required setup for the PS or gaming PC at home. If not, how much would it cost you?

As with every other online purchase, ensure that you do a thorough check on the credentials of a website before hitting that pay button. You can alter the delivery dates, or have the console gift wrapped. Ribbon it with a special message for a loved one, and present them this box of wholesome entertainment, excitement, adventure and fun!

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