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Nokia 3310 Review:

When old becomes new, and retro becomes cool

Nowadays, we tend to be overly generous with adjectives like “legendary,” “iconic” and “era-defining,” but in the case of the Nokia 3310, each and every one one of these is pretty much accurate. For many of us, and we mean MANY, this phone was our first mobile phone, as the 3310 was responsible for making the cell phone an essential part of our lives. Remember SMS’ing your friends until late at night? Remember Snake? Remember accidentally dropping your phone off fifteen flights of stairs in the pouring rain and it still working perfectly? That was the Nokia 3310, and now the Finnish company has released an updated version of the phone for the old-school enthusiasts.

Nokia 3310: Design

The design intentions of the new Nokia 3310 can more or less be summarised in one word: fun. The quality of the plastic body is not very good, the design is not slick as modern phones are, and the availability of various dazzling colours just adds to the overall feeling that this phone was not re-released to please the tech and design buffs. No, instead it’s aimed at recalling that “the year 2000” feeling, in a fun and simple way that very obviously does whatever it can to avoid any comparison with a 2017 smartphone.

Adding to that intent is the presence of physical buttons, those standard oval ones, instead of an ultra-sensitive touch screen. This homage to the original does boast a 2.4-inch colour screen now, while in the back you will find a removable battery and space for a micro sim and a microSD card. The device can be charged via microUSB, and on the bottom of the phone, you can even connect headphones (take that, iPhone7).Nokia-3310-Review-Cellistan-Pakistan

Nokia 3310: Snake

It’s probably a good thing that the total amount of hours you’ve spent trying to beat your high scores at Snake have not been saved somewhere. The first mobile game megahit was synonymous with the Nokia 3310, and naturally, the new version has it as well. Like the phone, the game was updated, and it doesn’t look much like the original anymore. It’s still a lot of nostalgic fun, though.

Nokia 3310: Battery, camera and price

Despite the incredible evolution of the mobile phone market over the past decade, battery life often remains an issue. Well, not with the Nokia 3310. It boasts an impressive 22 hours of talking time and an unrivalled one month of standby time. And that includes powering a 2MP camera with video capacity and zoom function. Considering the photos from the device are very far below the average quality of a modern-day phone, it probably wasn’t necessary to update the 3310 with a camera, but, on the other hand, what phone doesn’t have a camera these days?

Retro coolness and nostalgia do have a price though, and it’s a more than affordable one. The new Nokia 3310 can be bought online in Pakistan for around Rs. 5’200. Compared to modern smartphones this is peanuts, yes, but remember that most people will buy this phone out of enthusiastic nostalgia, not because they are going to use it on a daily basis.

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