Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017

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Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017

Samsung long awaited news versions sets are soon to be made available to the Pakistani Mobile Market both Online at in-store at The all new Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 are to made available by end of January 2017. Lets look at Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017.

This launch of the 2017 versions of the A series, will make up for the gap in the wait for the Flagship Samsung Galaxy S8, which should be launched later in this year.

Design of the Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017:

The A5 will be launched with the largest screen of the two with a whopping 146.1 x 71.4mm, and the A3 with 135.4 x 86.2mm. What is to be noted here that both the mobiles have the same thickness at 7.9mm. Call it comfort, I guess.

What’s special is both Smart phones are IP68 water and dust resistant. All three will be made out of a complex mixture of metal frames, rear Glass finish and a fingerprint sensor built in the home button like the iPhone 7.

Display of the Samung Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017:

The new Galaxy A5 is equipped with a 5.2 inch display while the A3 has a 4.7 inch display. Both A series have Super AMOLED Technology which return rich and vibrant colors, with an always on feature that will allow users to see some important notifications without turning the screen on.

When talking about the pixel resolution, you can expect A5’s full HD display to offer 424 ppi while the HD display on the A3 can be expected to deliver 312ppi. To summarize it all, the A5 has the larger display compared to the A3.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 vs A5 2017: Camera Comparison

The new Galaxy A3 has a slightly lower resolution with a 13 mega pixel read camera and a 8 mega pixel front camera. On the A5 you will get a f/1.9 aperture on both the front and the read camera which are both a massive 16 Mega pixel. Beat that iPhone! However, functionality like detection auto focus, OIS and Auto HDR on the front camera are still missing, which would mean sales could be hurt in Pakistan.
h2> Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 vs. A5 2017: Hardware Specifications

The platform for both the A3 and A5 2017 is going to be Samsung Exynos 7 Octa Core. One of the difference here would be a 3GB Ram for the A5 and the 2GB for the A3. Moreover, the storage also differs with the A5 holding a 32GB internal memory compared to a 16GB A3 2017.

Both mobiles phones in Pakistan will use USB Type-C charge for the fast charging feature. The A5 to will give you longer usage period because of it 3000mAh battery while the A3 does not fall too short behind at 2350mAh.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 vs. A5 2017 Software

To summarize it, the A3 and the A5 will both operate on Marshmallow for now just like the Galaxy S7. We expect that all three phones will receive the option to update to Nougat very soon. Thus, user experience on both phones can be expected to the same.

Price of the Samsung Galaxy A3 vs. A5 2017 in Pakistan

The Samsung A3 and A5 are still to be disclosed to the general public. However, to our best guess the A3 2017 should sell for about 30,000 PKR and the A5 2017 to be around 40,000 PKR. Price will be available at Cellistan Samsung Product pages for both phones as soon the go on Sale in Pakistan.

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