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The Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts of the one of the best battery times, not just compared to the previous Samsung phones but among smartphones in general. It has a 2,800 mAh accessible battery, which is an upgrade from the 2,600 mAh battery of the Samsung Galaxy S4.
According to Samsung, with a single charge on the standard S5 battery, you can browse the internet for up to 10 hours and watch HD videos for 12 hours, which means that you can binge-watch any single season of your favorite TV show in one go. Isn’t that cool?
If you like to further squeeze the most out of this battery, Samsung offers Power Saving and, a significantly more impressive, Ultra Power Saving which is basically power saving on steroids.
We can go on about the battery power but there is another amazing advantage of buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 battery. If you already have a battery and are happy with it, why buy another one? You may have experienced certain situations, all too often unfortunately, where your phone battery dies while you are away from a power source. That is when a spare comes in handy. Why miss out on any important phone calls when you can buy a backup for just Rs. 700?

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