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The Pakistani mobiles market is prone to boom in the coming year. As more people become educated and informed, the increase in demand for technology is imminent. Reports suggest that the Pakistani Smartphone industry is yet to grow to about 8%, with the number approximating to about 40 million in the coming months.

With the introduction of fast speed mobile internet such as 4G and LTE services in Pakistan, 30 million people have activated this it all over the country. It is estimated that a staggering number of 14.6 million mobiles phones were being used by Pakistanis in July of 2015. According to GFK, a research firm, global Smartphone demand around the world grew up 14 percent quarter to quarter and 16% year to year in Q4 of 2015. The estimated demand to be 368 million sets, while the sales value decreased by 0.2% due to cheaper Smartphone’s availability e.g. the Infinix Mobiles in Pakistan. Emerging economies like Pakistan are contributing to a greater percentage due to increased buying power of the population.

The main reason for the increased use of Smartphone can also be linked to the 3G/4G services launched. PTA estimates the total subscribers has increased by 1,903,939 since July 2015 till September 2016. That is an increase of 134% in just 15 months. No wonder why Pakistan was listed as the 6th most growth hungry country in term of mobile phones.

Pakistan has more than 134 million Mobile subscribers and this is to increase in a large number in the coming years. At Cellistan, we say, Let the Games Begin!

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