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You have heard about the iPhone 6 bending in the past which took the Cupertino company into a storm. Or you have been one of those who complaint about the iPhone 7 being a replica of the iPhone 6s with minor tweaks. However, a patent by Apple on tuesday shows the customers may be in for a surprise soon enough – a bendable iPhone

According to Patently Apple, Apple was granted the patent by US Patent and Trademark office. It seems like it is not the first time around Apple has attempted such a thing. It is noted that Apple has failed to patent such an idea before twice. As they say third time is always a charm.

Today we were surprised to find that Apple was granted their first patent covering a foldable and/or bendable future iPhone that was never published before as a patent application under Apple’s name. Apple must have kept it secret by filing it under their engineer’s names and not under Apple to avoid detection.

It is also reported that the idea is to use some kind of a ceramic to allow the screen to bend. Ceramic was first considered in 2016 in a parent report revealing how Apple is thinking about using Cermaic Apple Watches and Ceramic iPhones.
It is to be noted that this is not a flip-phone since it does not bend vertically up or down. It is more of a bendable screen and body ratio composition type scene.
Apple can also seen to be using Conductive Carbon nanotubes in the future. This will allow for a flexible and resistant to cracks body. So the bendable iPhone might really be possible.

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