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These days, our entire lives seem to revolve around our smartphones. Everywhere you look, people are face down, navigating their worlds through the miniature screens they hold in their hands. Our phones stopped being just phones ages ago and now we function in a time in which having the most up-to-date smartphone technology isn’t simply luxury, it is essential. So, selecting your next model requires careful consideration.Today we look at the OPPO F3 models

You’ve already done your research and recognised that the Oppo F3 line is perfect for you. Now it only remains to decide if you will choose the F3 or the F3 Plus. Yet, how can one choose? Let’s take a look at what differentiates these two top-of-the-line smartphone models.

The OPPO F Series in Pakistan

While the names would seem to indicate that these are two very similar phones with a few slight variations on the “plus” model, that isn’t the case. The F3 Plus, released first, is the more expensive, next-in-line model in the Oppos “F” series. The F3, however, actually has more in common with the previous F1S model, in appearance and hardware.

But first, let’s establish this line’s common features. Both models are Dual Sim GSM type smartphones using Nano size Sim cards. Both feature touch technology screens with the usual standard features, such as dual front and back cameras, face detection, and touch to focus. They both use an Android v6.0 Operating System and have 3G, and 4G capabilities and hotspot enabled Wifi.

OPPO F3 vs F3 Plus: Dimensions

The Difference a Plus Makes

So, with these core features out of the way, let’s dig into the differences. First, let’s talk superficial stuff. The Oppo F3 Plus is slightly larger than the F3. With dimensions at 164 x 81 x 7 as opposed to 153 x 75 x 7 respectively, the main difference is in screen size. The Oppo F3 Plus will give users nine percent more screen space, making activities, from watching videos to reading your latest social media updates, easier. However, despite the greater screen size in the F3 Plus, both options have the same 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution.

oppo f3 models dimensionsIf the added screen size isn’t important to you, however, it should be noted that the F3 model is about 15% lighter than the F3 Plus. This, combined with the smaller size, could be a benefit to those looking for less bulk as our mobile devices once again begin to climb in size.

OPPO F3 vs F3 Plus: Performance

The Technical Stuff

Now, moving on to the similar functionality of these two options. Both the Oppo F3 and the F3 Plus have a lot to offer. They both come with 4 GB of Ram and an Octa-Core processor to make your multitasking more energy efficient. However, while the F3 Plus boasts 1.95 GHz, the F3 only offers 1.5 GHz, making the Plus version nearly 30% faster. So the Oppo F3 Plus is going to be more responsive and allow you to run more things simultaneously without causing glitches.

While both phones offer a dual SIM card option, the two phones approach this option in different ways. The F3 Plus has two slots. One of these slots is dedicated to a SIM. The other slot is a hybrid option, which allows users to choose between a SIM card or a micro-SD card. The F3, on the other hand, actually has three slots. It allows for a dedicated two card dual SIM, while also adding a separate slot for a micro-SD card.

OPPO F3 vs F3 Plus: Camera

Are You Ready For Your Selfie?

Lately, smartphones are less about sending or receiving calls and more about things like selfies. In this particular area, the differences between these two models become more noticeable. The camera function on the Oppo F3 Plus is noticeably better. Both models have rear facing cameras. However, the Oppo F3 Plus shoots images at 16 megapixels and offers more advanced options in aperture, phase detection, autofocus and dual tone LED flash. The F3, on the other hand, shoots only at 13 megapixels and lags behind in aperture and other features.

Additionally, the F3 Plus model is capable of shooting video in High Definition. Filming 2160p film at 30 frames per second, your video quality is going to be substantially better than that taken using the F3 model.

oppo f3 front camera pakistan

That said, both models are also equipped with the modern front facing dual selfie camera. One camera, shooting at 16 megapixels, provides standard selfie style shots. The other, shooting at 8 megapixels, can be designated for larger group selfies requiring a wider lens. This feature is especially popular and is included on both models. Further, the F3 has a special “bokey effect” feature which allows you to blur the background and selectively focus your selfie.

OPPO F3 vs F3 Plus: Battery

All That Power

Finally, one last thing to consider is the battery size on each. Here again, the Oppo F3 Plus model wins with a 4000 mAh battery as opposed to only 3200 mAh. This provides users with nearly 25% more battery power. Reports of real usage tests by various consumers have indicated that the F3 Plus can indeed last more than 20 hours of regular use. What’s more, the F3 Plus model has a fast-charge feature which cuts down on time spent charging. Despite it’s bigger size, the F3 Plus can fully charge in an hour and a half. The F3, on the other hand, is said to take closer to two and a half hours for a full charge. Of course, it varies by user habits, but this means less time plugged in and more time on the go.

OPPO F3 vs F3 Plus: Price in Pakistan

So of course, now we must simply consider the price. If you purchase the OPPO F3 Plus in Pakistan, you are looking to spend around 49,000 Rs. However, you can find the OPPO F3 in Pakistan for about 34,000 Rs.

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