Is the new ‘Safe’ Galaxy Note 7 ‘Safe’?

After the massive recall of the 2.5 Millions Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobiles around the world, including Pakistan, the world eagerly waited for what comes next.

The company was pushed to recall its flagship mobile in September due to faulty batteries overheating, going into flames and exploding. The company went into a massive recall program such as one Apple did for its Beats Pill XL.

What Samsung didn’t expect was to face another turmoil after it launched the ‘Safe’ Note 7 model. It is reported that a couple of phones are still proving to give issues to its owners. A customer in China as reported his ‘Safe’ model exploded into flames while it was on charge.

What we can understand here is that Samsung still hasn’t learnt its lesson from the issues of the Note 7 before. Samsung needs to put a safe to use device in its customers’ hands. Samsung seemed desperate to put a phone forward before the Apple launches it iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it is evident that this recall can be a huge hit to Samsung, not only in terms of cost but also in terms of branding. We can only hope that the Samsung users in Pakistan remain safe and do not run into any issues with their new babies.

Samsung has not yet commented in detail but has briefly informed that they are looking into the issue and will be examining the particular handset to understand what might have gone wrong. For now, Samsung has announced to delay the sale of the Galaxy Note 7 till 1 October 2016.

Amid of all of the drama in the mobile technology world, Cellistan has decided to hold on to the sales of Note 7 in Pakistan.

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