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Huawei P10 Review

Huawei P10 Review: Design and Hardware

The great new addition to the Huawei’s P series the P10 seems to inherit a lot from the what we liked from the Mate 9. Even though the Mate 9 was a phablet, the screen resolution, chipset, RAM, storage options, and cameras of the P10 are all shrunk down and crammed into a smaller form factor. So for the people with giant hands, t’s a much easier size to use one-handed while on the go. The P10 is just a touch taller and slightly skinnier than a Galaxy S7.

Huawei P10: Display

We’re treated with a completely usable and yes by completely usable I mean the whole screen is available, eliminating the Nav bar at the bottom.The HD resolution looking sharp enough at this 5.1” screen diagonal. Color and contrast are well represented for an LCD, and the brightness is competitive for a phone in this tier. In a basic Lux testing, the P10 edges out the LG G6, while falling far behind the burst outdoor brightness mode found on the Galaxy S7.

Huawei P10-Review-2

Huawei P10: Software Review


The phones come with the latest Android Nougat 7.0 and a brand newly designed and updated version of EMUI.Now on version 5.1, you get options to swap your home screen from apps to an app drawer, and the general layout for notifications and settings is closer to stock android. There’s still a lot of UI customization, especially to things like confirmation dialog bubbles, but all the pieces are generally where you would expect them to be. We no longer suffer that odd mishmash of iOSdesign found in the old EMUI notification shade.Huawei-P10-Review-6

The Android 7 benefits are there and available like the split screening apps and alt-tab style swapping.Nougat improves performance alongside Huawei’s aggressive resource management and garbage collection. Our Mate 9 is aging well in that regard, so we’re optimistic that the P10 will also perform well over time with future updates.

Huawei P10: Fingerprint Sensor



The fingerprint sensor is equipped with an amazing and new feature since it moved to the front bezel.It also doubles as a one stop shop for navigation. A single tap is a back button, a long press will take you home, but the gesture swipe to use multi-tasking is the hardest piece of muscle memory to reprogram.


Huawei P10: Performance

Speaking of performance, we’re still impressed with this chipset. Huawei’s Kirin 960 processor is a screamer, just nipping at the heels of the Qualcomm 835 benchmarks I’ve seen leaked. It easily bests the Pixel and OnePlus 3T with the Qualcomm 821. This kind of horsepower is gross overkill for covering the communication basics, but cranking up some graphics intensive games, the P10 drives Marvel Future Fight very well, probably the smoothest I’ve seen from any Android using high-quality settings. No small feat for how poorly optimized that game is on Android. Better optimized titles will run like butter. Performance on Implosion, for example, has been phenomenal.



Huawei P10: CameraHuawei P10-Camera

The significant differences are hard to see between this phone’s camera and the Mate 9.Though the camera module is sunk flush with the rear housing, we still have the same dual-camera system. A 12MP color sensor and a 20MP black and white sensor work in tandem on all still photos to improve contrast, color, and clarity. Hardware image stabilization on the color sensor improves low light performance and reduces hand shake in video capture.

New for this phone, we get a “Portrait Mode” in addition to the terrific Wide Aperture setting. This add-on incorporates beauty filters options normally found on the selfie camera. Where the Wide Aperture mode easily bests the background blur options found on other phones, this Portrait mode is a lot more destructive to skin tone at max settings. It also seems to create a harder border around your subject, so we’d recommend using it judiciously, maybe dialing back the effect to around level 3.

Huawei P10-portrait-mode-camera

Huawei P10: Battery

Battery life is very good for this capacity. During a streaming test, the P10 was well competitive against current flagship phones. Streaming thirty minutes of HD video over WiFi resulted in a 5% battery drain. This translated to good daily run time, making it to dinner with moderate use and room to spare.


Do you think we missed anything when Reviewing the Huawei P10? Do you think the Huawei P10 will do good in the Pakistani mobile Market? Comment below and let us know.

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