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The country of Pakistan is well up with today’s modern technology. Many major smart phone companies have already made their debut in the Pakistani Markets. As of now, the battle is quite hot and hence many companies are trying to up their market share.

Huawei has been in the market since the early telecommunication era. However, they have debuted only recently in the smart phone market. Huawei Mobile In Pakistan are quite common, as they phones are good looking, technically advanced and fall into a decent price range.

The company has in total of 35 models and variants. The models Huawei Honor 6x, Mate 9 and P9 plus were well advertised post their launch. The company post their debut made a lot of noise in the market. The phones that the company offers are quite nice, technically advanced and well off. The costliest phone that they have in the market is Huawei P10 plus. The phone has a metal body, with finger print sensors. The flashlight and camera of the phone are quite decent and the camera takes good pictures in broad daylight. The flash was quite bright and did its job on low lighting. The home button of the phone has a finger print scanner. The front camera is also quite good, but only giving decent pictures in low lighting. The phone is powered by Kirin 960 processor. The processor is quite strong and itself it can power many high quality games, videos or even heavy apps. With so many features and a strong processor, the phone is priced at 69,600.

The lowest priced phone of Huawei is priced at 8,600. The phone is powered by a 512 MB of RAM. The phone has a 5 MP of camera at the back and a 2 MP camera at front.

According to the price range, the phone has decent features and a power packed performance. This phone was specifically launched to cater to the people who want a nice smart phone at a low price. The price of 8,600 is decent. However, the RAM of the phone is low. But other features are in abundance. So this makes the phone a standout performer in this price segment.

The mid price ranged phone of Huawei are quite well balanced. The camera quality is decent. The person buying the phone wouldn’t complain about the product. The smart phones are packed with strong RAM, nice hardware and a powerful core. The phones have a nice audio quality as the loud speaker is quite loud as compared to other phones in the same price range.

The mid priced phones (that fall in the range of 15,000-36,000) also are power packed performers. Hence the company makes sure that the people get the phone according to the people’s needs.

Huawei Mobile in Pakistan have made a good grip on today’s market share. The phones are quite common among the youths of Pakistan. As the phone is packed with all the sharp features and offers seamless multitasking, the users hardly ever find a reason to compliant. Most of the phones Huawei makes for Pakistan is aimed at luring the middle-class people into buying phones that are loaded with high class specifications. These phones are rightly priced thus the people are able to buy such phones. As Huawei has now become a home famous brand, people place their trust in the Chinese smart phone maker. Also, the good relations between the Chinese and the Pakistani Government have given much support to the Huawei’s operations in the Indian Sub continent.

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