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Half of the Note 7 users switch to iPhone Leave a comment

Research conducted by IDC, a research firm, concluded through an online survey that 12 out 24 Samsung Note 7 users prefer to switch over to an iPhone. The survey was carried out on 17-18 October, just a couple of days after Samsung decided to discontinue its Note 2016 series concerning battery exploding issues.

Out of the 1,082 customers that took the survey is the US, 507 customers are current Samsung users, 347 have used the Samsung brand and 228 customers have never owned a Samsung. Out of the 1,082 customers, only 24 were existing and current users. 12 out of the 24 people claimed that they have or will choose to replace their Note 7 with an iPhone. 17% customers choose to stay loyal to the Samsung Brand and will choose to buy another model. Most agreed to return their Note 7 to Samsung or its partners.

Another key finding from the survey is the fact that the brand ‘ Samsung’ does not seem to be hurt due to the recall. Most people maintained that they would still choose to buy other non-Smartphone appliances and other Samsung products.

Samsung’s profits plunged at whopping 30% due to the recall toll. Nevertheless, Samsung aims to rekindle its Note Brand with a 2017 year release and make the S series its master until that the Note 8 comes out. Murdering the Note 7 was a huge step, but Samsung remains hesitant to discontinuing the whole Note series. Adding to the mayhem, Samsung is forced to keep brand loyalty at maximum and thus is offering about $89 to customer in Korea, and $100 to customers in the USA if they choose to replace their Note 7 with another Samsung branded mobile.

We are keen to see how the Pakistani Samsung users make their choice between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 7.

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