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Tech industry giants always happen to have a tussle for more sophisticated and technologically advanced products. However at times they might rely on one another as well to get the job done; for instance when we look into the A9 processor which was fabricated onto iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. We see it was manufactured by Samsung and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited). On Oct 4th, it seems Google had been taking notes.

Google introduced its new pricey and snazzy smartphone Pixel recently which gives a vibe that google is beginning to imitate Apple, which of course, gives birth to a lot of questions. Frankly, you would only understand the fact “feeling like Apple” when you get to know that Google has not only adopted their product but the product strategy as well form Apple. Moreover, they introduced Pixel in two sizes which is another product strategy followed by Apple. They did more at the expense of Apple by announcing Pixel in three colours — Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue.
Samsung is being said to hire the team that originally created Siri instead of creating its own virtual assistant. The company has announced its acquiring Viv Labs, a start-up formed by the creators of Apple’s Siri personal assistant.
The recent shift towards Apple is probably due to the fact that Apple is still considered the most valuable brand as listed by Interbrand. The word of mouth from Apple users suggests that people tend to like it because of its simple yet innovative way of getting the job done. Considering that more and more tech companies are feeling like Apple nowadays makes it indispensable for Apple to come up with a new line of smartphones and ideas that would define their adept approach towards the tech industry. We await to see how Apple satisfies it customers with next year on its 10th Anniversary of the iPhone.

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