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As technology advances so do the liability of us depending on it, in such an era the most important factor of today’s electronic devices is how long do they last?. Whether you are on the move, on vacation or working power is a major concern and keeping our devices juiced up very crucial.

Car chargers have it hard nowadays with their minimal usage and their expectations of being sturdy, compact and built to last. The Anker PowerDrive+2 features Quick Charge 3.0, is a 2-port car charger.

Build Quality and Design:

When buying a car charger which will be used outside at all times in the car with frequent unplugs, build quality matters a lot and the PowerDrive presents itself with a highly actual design that tries to make the tech inside as compact as possible. The charger is only about 3 inches long with about 1 inch of the output ports sticking out.

Even though it does not have a unibody design but the two pieces used to keep all that tech inside are closed up very tidily and give the charger a quite sturdy feeling.  The car charger also has a red ring that wraps around the charging head and has a LED indicator which turns on with the charger. It’s a nice feature that lets you see the car charger during night rides without being obstructive.

Power and Features:

The PowerDrive+ excels regarding power and features provided by Anker. The two port provided support Quick charge 3.0 and 2.0, which means that even if your device does not support QC 3, the charger will still give the maximum speed available at 2.4A. One of the ports with the QC 3.0 and you’ll know that it has QC 3.0 because of the QC 3.0 logo that’s next to the charging ports. The other part having QC 2.0 comes with the Anker’s PowerIQ technology which automatically adjusts the voltage and current required for the connected device.

If you’re using the Quick Charge 3.0 port with a Quick Charge 3.0 device, then you’re going to receive fast QC 3.0 charging speeds; Similar to connecting a QC 2.0 device and receiving fast Quick Charge 2.0 charging rate because QC 3.0 is backwards compatible with QC 2.0 devices. However, if you’re connecting a non-Quick Charge compatible device to the 3.0 charging port, you’re going to get a loading speed of 5V/2.0A of charging speed potentially. So it’s important to know that the Quick Charge 3.0 charging port does NOT feature PoweriQ and will not charge at 5V/2.4A.

The Quick Charge 2.0 port will deliver to QC 2.0 charging speeds to Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 devices. PoweriQ will provide a maximum charging rate of 2.4 amps to non-Quick Charge devices.

Safety and Protection:

The security of any charger is critical, but it matters the most in a car charger due to its usage in different weather and physical conditions.

The tech used in the PowerDrive+ comes with Surge protectors and Temperature controllers, so even if the charger gets hot during usage, the voltage and current are slowed down to reduce its temperature, and surge protection makes sure that no short circuits or overflow of current occurs keeping everything under control.


The PowerDrive+ is a very powerful charger keeping its size in mind.

With the provided features like Quick charge 3.0 and 2.0 and PoweriQ, the charger sure is worth the price. It’s built to last and is surely the right choice for those who won’t compromise over quality.

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