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Nowadays kids start to interact with technology gadgets such as computers and phones at a tender age. Most kids have knowledge on how to use mobile phones. Recent statistics reveal 75% of kids ranging from 6 years to 10 years already know how to operate a mobile phone in the US.

Having a mobile phone is not just meant for adults in today’s world. Parents of teenage kids and pre-teen should buy their kids mobile phones. Apart from being gadgets capable of making kids happy, the iphones can be used as a power parenting tool. Here are five main reasons why you should consider buying your kid an iphone.

1. Monitoring of Phone Activity

One main reason why you should get your child a cell phone is to help you keep track of what is going on. Kids usually tend to move away from their parents when they enter their teens. This makes it difficult for parents to know where there kids are and who his or her friends are. It is therefore appropriate that you invest in a monitoring service that will help you know where your child is and the people he or she hangs out with. However, you do not have to part with large sums of money to get your child a phone. Always make comparison of iphone mobiles price in Pakistan and go for the one you can easily afford.

2. Getting a Ride Back Home

Though you might not like to think about it, kids at times find themselves in all sorts of problems with some being uncontrollable. For example, your kid was out with friends when something he or she didn’t want to be part of got underway forcing your kid want a ride back home. In case you gave your child a mobile phone, all it will take is a call to you or any trusted adult to come help her.

The mobile phone can also be of great help in a number of ways. In case the car he or she was travelling in breaks down, your child can always inform you of what is happening. You can thereafter quickly organize to send help and ensure he or she gets back home safe.

3. Calling for Help

There are times when your kids’ life might be endangered in any manner. Calling simple authorities is much simpler and easier provided the cell phone is near. The same can come of great help in case your child falls ill and is need of a medical attention quickly. When he or she has the mobile phone calling you or the right professional will be of great help to his or her health.

4. Help You Reach Your Child Faster In case of an Emergency Situation

There are times when you might be interested in making contact with your child due to some unanticipated situation or event. For example, you will have to work till late hence will not be able to pick your child from school. Another case is when a family member falls sick and you need to inform your kid.

5. A Training Tool

All the efforts you are putting are directed towards helping your child become a responsible man or lady when they grow up. The same way you talk to your child on how to choose a career path, how to interact with people and how to manage finances is the same way you would be interested in helping your child understand the various communication tools and especially the mobile phone.

When you get a mobile phone for your child, it will provide you with the chance to offer him or her practical lessons on how to communicate with people in a positive manner, how to choose the best phone services and the types of behaviour to avoid.

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